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Elton John Band Members

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  1. Farm Dogs( Bernie Taupin's Band [Elton's lyricist])
  2. Davey Johnstone Fan page( Elton's guitarist )( Includes Q&A with Davey from 2003 and cool pictures! )
  3. John Jorgensen/Hellecasters official Website( One of Elton's guitarists )
  4. Bob Birch Fan( Elton's bassist )( Contains two video clips )
  5. Ray Cooper DrummerWorld page( Elton's percusionnist )( Contains pictures at Dodger's Stadium in 1975 where Ray actually has hair! )
  6. Nigel Olsson( Elton's drummer in the 1970's )
  7. Dee Murray Fan page( Elton's bassist in the 1970's )
  8. A few words on Dee Murray( Very nice drawings, too! )
  9. Caleb Quaye( One of Elton's guitarists in the 1970's )( Quite comprehensive overview of Caleb's career! )
  10. Bluesology( Elton's band in the 1960's, when he was still Reginald Kenneth Dwight )( It's the Caleb Quaye page above, scroll to about the middle of the page to find Bluesology )
  11. Elton Dean ( Bluesologie's saxophonist )
  12. Long John Baldry( One of Elton's early influences and mentor, from whom he took the second part of his name )
  13. Warpipes ( A group formed by Elton John band members )
  14. The Kiki Dee Information Bureau
  15. Picture of David Furnish( Elton's boyfriend )
  16. Whispers( An ezine about Elton John and David Furnish )

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