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Official FarmDogs Website

Farm Dogs is a band formed by Lyricist Bernie Taupin, who also does vocals, Jim Cregan and Robin LeMesurier (who have worked with Rod Stewart in the past) returning from the first album, and new members Tony Brock, on drums and keyboards, and Tad Wadhams on bass and harp. Some people have the impression that the Farmdogs sound is country. It's more of an earthy sound that has its roots in rock, country, pop, folk and more. Not many synthesizers here, I must say, although their second album is more electric than the first. Great harmonies from the guys, too.

Ever since he was young, Bernie had always wanted to be a musician. But he was very shy, and he contented himself with writing the lyrics while Elton took center stage. He sometimes appeared on stage at Elton John concerts, but he always felt a little out of place. He published a couple of solo albums in the 80's (on which Elton appeared, singing backing vocals). With Farm Dogs, he is a full member of the band.

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